DAU Components have an exhaustive range of products specifically designed for the dissipation of heat in the electronics industry, ranging from traditional extruded profiles to highly efficient designs for today's LED lighting industry.

With close to 1,000 designs available, and the ability to provide machined and drilled products to customer's designs, DAU can meet virtually any requirement. DAU's extensive range of extruded profiles includes some 750+ standard designs to cope with most applications, which can be provided to almost any length and machined to provide complex shapes and designs.

When the application calls for a more efficient use of available space, or when the thermal load cannot be sufficiently removed using a standard heatsink, then the best solution may be a forced air unit or a cooling aggregate. Cooling aggregates are more efficient for size and weight compared to natural convection.

When complexity of the design means it is not suitable for either extruded or forced air types, then DAU, in conjunction with our partners, Fischer Elektronik, can provide bespoke parts machined from solid, allowing complex shapes to be perfectly captured without the expense of costly tooling. This is useful when prototyping or for short-runs of complex parts.

Finishes, including plain aluminium, black and clear anodisation (and many other colours), EMC passivated, Ecoating and powder coating, along with printing, are available on request.

DAU Components product specialists work closely with development engineers at our Partner Manufacturers in order to offer the most suitable solutions. As our range is so large that not all items are on the website, please contact us if you do have any questions.

For further information, technical support, pricing and lead times please contact -  Sales

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