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SPD Series

Maida Development, one of the World's leading electrical ceramic component companies has been fulfilling market requirements with quality product for over 70 years. DAU along with our partner manufacture Maida, a specialist American manufacturer of high voltage ceramic capacitors, varistors and thermistors, has consistently offered our customers great product, pricing and service. 

Maida, a World Class supplier of metal oxide varistors, high voltage capacitors and also thermistors, is both customer, as well as engineering focused. This is made possible by their team of engineers who are possibly the leading group of varistor technologists in the World. Maida supplies a vast range of standard products, and we are happy to develop new lines to meet specific customer requirement.

As the combined range of Maida & DAU is so large and specialised, not all items are on the website, please contact us so we can send you the exact information you require.  

For further information, technical support, pricing and lead times please contact - Sales

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SMD Heatsinks on Tape and Reel

TOLA Case Series

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