DAU Components has an extensive range of cases and enclosures designed specifically for the electronics industry, from standard 19" rack mounting units to bespoke extruded designs.

Our standard 19" range includes: 19" sub-racks and modules, units with built-in cooling fins, plug-in units, EMC 19" sub-racks, bench cases, front panels, handles, chassis type cases, as well as unique `Plusline` modular cases and a large number of complementary accessories. We have worked closely with numerous customers to provide rack-mounting units specifically to their design for a wide range of applications.

Stand-alone cases include the modular-assembly Combination case range, which offers a wide variety of combinations to satisfy virtually any application. Fixed design cases offer a number of standard types and varieties suitable for different uses, with IP and EMC options. More traditional types include the interlocking and extruded profile designs, including extruded single-piece `Tube` types. These ranges come in numerous sizes and are available at any length. Features such as built-in PCB mounting slots and external mounting options and end panel options increase versatility even further. Other options, such as built-in cooling fins, EMC gaskets and a wide range of accessories, are also available. A wide variety of finishes are available for all enclosure ranges. Like the 19" range, we can offer designs based entirely around customer's requirements, including milling, drilling and finishing, including colour and printing options.

DAU Components product specialists work closely with development engineers at our Partner Manufacturers in order to offer the most suitable solutions. As our range is so large that not all items are on the website, please contact us if you do have any questions.

For further information, technical support, pricing and lead times please contact -  Sales

DAU Components Telephone (+44) 01243 553031

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