New colour options for 'Design' cases and enclosures

Ergonomics play an equally important role in the design of cases and enclosures as functional necessities, especially when the application requires the finished unit to be continually visible. An ergonomically designed case reflects on the value of and design of the circuitry it contains. To meet these requirements, Fischer Elektronik continue to expand their ‘Design’ case range, offering greater flexibility and colour options.

For the GV, TUS and SECCO ranges, they have expanded the available colours to include the following: carmine red (similar to RAL 3002); flame red (similar to RAL 3000); sulfur yellow (similar to RAL 1016); pure orange (similar to RAL 2004); sky blue (similar to RAL 5015); bright green (similar to RAL 6038); turquoise blue (similar to RAL 5018); heather violet (similar to RAL 4003); ultramarine blue (similar to RAL 5002) and daffodil yellow (similar to RAL 1007) are available. Other colour and material options are available dependent on availability and subject to possible MOQ. 

Coupled with further options for the extruded body and endplates, such as surface treatments (anodising - black, clear and optional colours; passivated and powder coating upon request), printing (screen, sub-eloxal and laser), machining, stamping and drilling, means that design and functional requirements can co-exist.  Please contact us for more information.

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