PCB mounting heatsinks for lock-in retaining spring clips

Fischer Elektronik's innovative range of PCB mounting heatsinks continues to expand with the latest versions of lock-in retaining spring-clip heatsinks, making them ideal for focused heat dissipation on densely packed circuit boards.

These new designs offer optimal finned solution for radiating heat, combined with a threaded channel suitable for screw mounting the heatsink directly to the PCB. Transistor mounting is simplified by the use of a groove built in to the design for spring-clips specifically designed to secure the device and maintain suitable pressure for optimal performance. These clips are available in a range of sizes and pressures and are intended to be snapped into position, providing a positive mount and optimal thermal performance. They are suitable for most types of transistor case designs, such as TO220, TO218 and TO247, as well as SIP-multiwatt and MAX type devices. We can also offer drilling and machining to customer drawing, as well as bespoke designs.

With footprints providing innovations such as mounting on opposite faces and space to mount components directly under the fins, these new designs are an ideal solution to direct cooling of semi-conductor devices that have to be mounted on PCBs. Please contact us for more information.

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