Single-piece or closed tube profile offer many advantages over other enclosure types made from sheet metal or multi-part extrusions. Enhanced stability and robustness make these ideal for industrial applications, especially when they are for either retrospective equipment fits or in harsh environments. The design offers ease of mounting for internal circuit boards or electrical equipment, with slots for housing PCBs, good EMC and IP rating potential, as they only require end-plates to be sealed rather than numerous assembly joints. The new UTG range expands the existing comprehensive and versatile range even further, with new types specifically designed to fit standard universal board sizes, such as 100mm Euroboards, as well as maintaining the flexibility to mount other, less universal sizes. As standard, there are 3 different sizes (to fit internal PCB widths, 50mm, 67mm & 100mm), each of which are available in 5 lengths (75, 100, 150, 160, 200 mm), and three different finishes (SA - overall black anodised; MS - black anodised body and clear anodised end-plates; and LP - exterior black lacquered, with interior transparent passivated). Customer specific designs can be up to 1000mm in length, with drilling, milling or other mechanical processing to customer drawings. The LP version is specifically designed for EMC applications, using an electrically conductive, chrome-free (RoHS compliant) transparent passivated internal finish. Alternative paint, lacquer or surface treatments are also available, with customer logo or data printing to custom design. The UTG case comes disassembled, including both end-plates and fasteners. Please contact us for more information. DAU Components (+44) 01243 553031


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