It is indisputable that LEDs are fast becoming the norm in lighting applications. One remaining issue is the efficiency of heat dissipation for the LEDs. Innovative cooling concepts are now a priority in order to maximise on the LED's efficiencies and increase their service life, whilst retaining the design aesthetic. With this in mind, Fischer Elektronik has introduced a new line of products which combine the efficiency of the pin heatsink with a fan designed to optimise on the pinned fin design. With the introduction into its already comprehensive LED cooling product range, Fischer has brought off-the-shelf thermal solutions even closer. The new product series - LA LED 40x30, LA LED 50x20 and LA LED 50x45 - consist of a pin heat sink and a round fan motor that has been specifically designed for active LED cooling. The fan motor has a double slide bearing and is designed for the particular requirements of LED applications in terms of noise and service life. It is secured to the top of the pin using internally threaded distance sleeves that are provided for this purpose. With their innovative design and high pin density, the compact pin heatsink is designed to give the optimal balance of air flow and radiating surface, giving an extremely effective product. The combination of material properties, design geometry and structure make these pin heatsinks extremely efficient coolers for electronic components in free convection and especially so in a forced air convection environment. The aluminium alloy used (Al99,5) has excellent heat conductivity. In addition, the manufacturing process serves to create a homogenous material arrangement and microstructure that follows the direction of the heat flow - all of which ensures fast and even heat distribution throughout the heatsink. LEDs can be fastened to the pin heat sink with thermally conductive adhesive, double-sided thermally conductive foil, or screws. Additional mechanical treatments, custom designs and surface finishes can also be provided for your specific application. Please contact us for further information.


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