The endurance of LED lighting modules depends directly on their ability to maintain a stable temperature range. Dramatic temperature fluctuations will considerably shorten the lifespan of the LED, and exceeding the chip's permitted temperature will directly impact on the light yield.

The use of extruded aluminium heatsinks for free convection already serves as an effective LED heat dissipation measure, but, with the introduction of the LA LED 68, Fischer Elektronik is expanding its already comprehensive product range to include an active LED heat dissipation concept, specifically designed to address applications where weight is a critical issue. The body design is an optimised light-weight aluminium hollow-chamber profile, allowing for optimal airflow. Zhaga Consortium approved LED module designs can be directly bolted to the front of the unit using the designed-in threads. An adaptor is also available for other manufacturer's LED units using the existing mounting holes. A low-profile circular fan, specifically designed with a reliable low-noise motor is mounted at the base of the unit to maintain air flow. The fan motor has a double slide bearing and is designed specifically for LED applications where noise and lifetimes are critical.

As with all our other products, we can offer machining, milling or drilling to customer designs, along with a variety of surface coating and finish options to suit any application. Please contact us for more information.


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