USB Type C - New Standard for USB Connectors

As the natural evolution process for handheld devices means they are getting smaller and narrower, the demand arises for external connections that reflect this. Until recently, the USB connections have been one factor that has influenced the width of such devices. Although USB 2.0 addressed this issue with a smaller product, the reduction in size brought its own issues, such as lower RFI protection, lack of power connectivity, lower signal speed and one-way insertion. With the introduction of USB Type C, these issues have been addressed.

USB Type C offers the advantages of USB type 3.1 (power connectivity) with the advantage of a vastly reduced profile with reversible insertion extraction as standard and enhanced RFI and EMI protection, as well as an expected higher cycle life (10k mating cycles predicted as standard). The type C device is expected to have full power support (3A or 5A TBC), signal processing, device present switching, with an existing signal rate of 10G (20G is planned for the future). A further advantage is provided by the reversible operation of the type C that allows pluggable connections in either direction between host and device, allowing for commonality of cables. 

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