Thin Wall Polyolefin Tubing

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G5 - General purpose, flame retardant

(512 kB)

G5-CB Ultra thin wall flame retardant

(480 kB)

G1 Non flame retardant

(461 kB)

G5-135 135°C Flame retardant

(460 kB)

G5-3X High Shrink Ratio

(438 kB)

G5-YG Yellow & Green striped

(464 kB)

G5-YG3X High shrink ratio Yellow & Green striped

(436 kB)

NS2 Non-slip decorative pattern heat shrinkable tubing

(447 kB)

New colour options for ‘Design’ cases and enclosures

New ICK BGA Heatsinks

New Desktop Enclosure

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