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All the latest from Fischer`s busy development department. Older news items can be found in the Archived News Articles.

Universal tube cases UTG

(0 B)

Miniature cooling aggregates LAM D

(0 B)

Optimal cooling for PCG cases

(0 B)

Extended PCB mounting heatsink range

(283 kB)

New LED white connectors

(121 kB)

Modular miniature aluminium Euroboard cases

(117 kB)

Cases with insertable heatsinks

(120 kB)

Space saving low profile male socket header

(99.7 kB)

Housing for Embedded PCs

(93.2 kB)

Expansion of the TUS tubular housing range

(209 kB)

Heat dissipation right around the circuit board

(90.1 kB)

Housing for LED Line Modules

(128 kB)

WLFG Series - High heat conductive graphite films

(106 kB)

Plug in Connector Series SLV W 3 SMD

(102 kB)

Secco Case Designs

(26 kB)

WLPK Heat Conducting Paste

(92.9 kB)

BLM Socket upgrade

(113 kB)

Frame design case with integrated heatsink

(38.8 kB)

Thermal performance simulation software

(36 kB)

Tape & Reel packaging for SMD plug-in connectors

(35.5 kB)

Tubular Housing TUG V - circuit board receptacle

(29.2 kB)

Range Expansion of LED Star Coolers

(37.9 kB)

Extended range of Female Header BLY 9 SMD

(57.4 kB)

Miniature aluminium casings for 160mm European format cards

(19.9 kB)

WLK DK - a new thermally conductive adhesive

(38.4 kB)

New Female Headers 'BL LP...' Series

(37.9 kB)

Extension of Frame Design Case

(34.7 kB)

Range of Male Headers - SLV W... with grid spacing 1.27mm extended

(55.5 kB)

AKG D... Miniature Aluminium Casings

(71.7 kB)

D-Sub Filter Connector - Adapter

(75.7 kB)

GD Cases with slide-in cover sheet

(95.1 kB)

Specialised copper & aluminium heat sinks made to customer`s design

(24.4 kB)

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