Card readers are everywhere in modern life - from mass transit ticket machines to virtually every shopping transaction we make. We are proud to work with one of the foremost manufacturers in the world to provide an innovate range, with the emphasis on functionality and consumer safety. 

We are sure that, if you cannot find what you need in one of the designs, then we can work with you to provide a design that reflects your requirements exactly. Standard ranges, like the 840, are commonly used for manual card transactions worldwide, whilst NFC systems reflect the rapid adoption of new technology. Specialist motorised designs are used for ATM and transit systems, where reliability, ruggedness and long life are essential prerequisites. Our readers are now being integrated into ever more complex systems for use in POS applications, forming a key component in these new advanced designs. All the while we are constantly aware of the security implications of criminal activity. To combat this, we have developed tamperproof designs that offer effective physical impregnability to the reader unit and secure processes. DAU Components product specialists work closely with development engineers at our Partner Manufacturers in order to offer the most suitable solutions. As our range is so large that not all items are on the website, please contact us if you do have any questions. 

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