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DAU Components is a highly professional, friendly and knowledgeable distributor with 35 years of experience helping customers select the right EMI / EMC product for their applications and pre-compliance testing requirements.

Working in conjunction with one of Asia’s largest professional manufacturers for EMI/EMC Filters, DAU Components can provide all industries with the following product types:

Filtered Inlets, Power entry modules with Filter, Single phase block filters, three phase filters and custom solutions.

Specification Catalogue - Single-Phase
Specification Catalogue - Three-Phase

Our price competitive EMI/EMC products are designed to meet the following Market Sectors, Industrial, Medical, Audio and Gaming, Measurement and Telecommunication.

Suitable for use in equipment according to the IEC 60950 Standard, Medical equipment according to IEC/UL 60601-1 Standard, and EN60529 for IP rated applications.

Our product scope consists of the standard single and double stage filters for tackling the variable attenuation performances required for high and low frequency noises.

Each filter series is approved to the relevant safety agencies, UL, CSA, and VDE (with CQC where required). DAU Components' team works closely with our manufacturing partners to provide customers with engineering, Sales and Logistics support.

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