Expanding the Fischer Elektronik fluid-cooler range

Fischer Elektronik have expanded their existing fluid-cooler range to include two new designs; the FLKI 295 and the FLKI 400 G 400. Fluid-cooled heatsinks are extremely useful tools where a highly efficient cooling system is required and act as a compliment to Fischer's high-efficiency air-cooled aggregates. Put simply, the effectiveness of fluid-coolers can be up to four times greater than that of air-cooled heatsinks.

The entire fluid-cooler is manufactured from aluminium, (with the exception of the G3/4" hose connectors) including the unique internal baffle structure, with the internal lamella making direct contact between both the component mounting and base faces, providing an excellent thermal conduit from device to the liquid cooling medium.

The FLKI 295 is specifically designed for up to three high-power converter PrimePack TM3+ Modules (IGBT 5) per cooler, with tapped M5 mounting holes to match device footprint on a milled component mounting surface.

In order to avoid internal pitting and inhibit the long-term dissolving of the aluminium, a corrosion inhibitor is recommended, such as a 50/50 water/glycol mix, which is suitable for most applications.

In addition the FLKR 1 is a dedicated fluid-cooler recooling unit, which is designed to work in conjunction with the entire fluid-cooler range, offering a centrifugal pump and a recooler radiator, suitable for most pipe sizes. The FLKR 1 offers up to 2,600W of thermal cooling capacity.

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