Mixed grid connectors for power and signal transmission

For applications where space limitations dictate that signal and power transmission need to share a single connector, Fischer Elektronik have expanded their already comprehensive range of headers to include 'mixed-grid' connectors. These multi-functional designs cater specifically for data and power connectivity on a single component, with specific grid sizes according to current rating (2.5A uses 2.00mm grid; 3A uses 5.54mm grid and 8.2A uses 5.08mm grid).
The headers are available in combinations of 5.08mm/2.00mm - SLY13 SHK xx (straight version) and SLY14 SHK xx (right angled version) - and 5.08mm/2.54mm - SL26 SHK xx (THT version) and SLY27 SHK xx SMT (SMD version). The preferred combination is 12 signal contacts and 2 power contacts, all of which are gold-plated.  Please contact us for more information.

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