New range of high-performance cooling aggregates - LA HPK Series

Fischer Elektronik are proud to introduce a new high-performance design to their existing diverse cooling aggregate range, in the new LA HPK series. These new cooling aggregates are designed to dissipate greater power losses, especially in applications where larger semiconductor are required.

The new LA HPK range consists of thick component mounting plates on both top and bottom of the unit joined by enclosed fins. Each fin is manufactured as a separate piece which are bonded together to form the complete unit, giving a sealed inner tunnel section, where the corrugated design of the individual fins provides optimal thermal dissipation. The fin design actually increases the turbulence of the air flow thus increasing heat transfer. 

The single fin assembly allows for flexibility in size, with height options of 70mm, 90mm, 110mm and 129mm, giving overall standard unit sizes of 306x70mm (five fans), 330x90mm (four fans), 282x110mm (three fans) and 240x129mm (two fans), governed by the unit size of the axial fan for each application. The complete unit can be produced to customer specific design or drawing, to include machining, drilling, milling and optional air-flow expansion chamber for optimised performance. Surface treatment is also available according to requirements.

All told, this new modular design provides an excellent high-performance unit capable of offering outstanding thermal solutions. Please contact us for more information.

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