New ICK BGA Heatsinks

Fischer Elektronik is further expanding their range with the introduction of ICK BGA (Ball Grid Array) in new sizes, specially optimised for BGA mounting.

These new sizes are: 11x11mm; 15x15mm; 19x19mm; 25x25mm; 29x29mm and 33x33mm. Furthermore, the height of the fins can be varied to meet actual application needs, with 6mm, 10mm and 14mm being standard across this range.
All BGA designs have optimised omnidirectional fin design - otherwise known as cross-cutting - which involves cutting across the extruded fin section to provide a residual square 'pin' fin. The advantage is that, unlike standard extruded finned parts where airflow is partially constrained by fin geometry, the cross-cut fin offers excellent heat dissipate in any orientation, as the air-flow around the 'pin' fin acts as a '360-degree fin'.
Mounting of the heatsink to the BGA device can be achieved using either thermally conductive adhesive or double-sided adhesive thermal interface foils specifically cut to the chosen size. Cross-cutting of the fins has the added benefit that the heatsink is lighter than traditionally extruded products, which puts less mechanical stress on the joint between heatsink and device.

As with virtually all Fischer Elektronik's products, these ICK BGA devices can be produced to customer's drawing or specification. Please contact us for more information.

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