The extensive casing range available from Fischer Elektronik has been expanded by further variants of the special tube cases for accommodating PC/104 series modules. The length-adjustable, closed, extruded aluminium sections of the PCG casings with integrated channels on the inside for accommodating slidable PCB holders permit the integration of complete systems featuring any number of PC/104 modules. Stacking of several PC/104 PCBs is realised using ISAB 3B and ISAB 3C spacers of various lengths. Applications with a high integration density of electronic power semiconductors and the increasing heat they generate require efficient heat dissipation properties from the casings. To this end, PCG casings are equipped with optional side walls of processed SK 421 heatsinks ensuring optimal heat dissipation to the environment. Insertable angle pieces for wall- or ceiling-mounting and the KL 35 mounting rail fastenings for arrangement on a mounting rail as per DIN EN 60715 are also available. The standard PCG cases are available in six lengths (50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175 mm) and three different surface finishes (SA, MS, LP). An EMC-shielded design is enabled by the use of electrically conductive, transparently passivated surfaces of the LP variant. The aluminium tube section, cover panels and optional heatsinks can be mechanically treated, surface-finished and printed to customer specifications. The PCG casing comes as a disassembled kit including cover panels and assembly materials. Please contact us for more information. DAU Components (+44) 01243 553031


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