In applications where free-air convection doesn't provide sufficient cooling, or when there simply isn't the space to provide sufficiently large conventional heatsinks, then a potential solution is to force air across the radiating fins on the inside of a closed heatsink design using a fan (cooling aggregate). In order to provide a better compact solution within their already extensive range, Fischer Elektronik have introduced the new LA27K cooling aggregate which has been specifically realised to allow for maximum efficiency with minimal footprint. To reflect this design philosophy, the LA27K has unique fin geometry to enhance heat dissipation despite the compact size. Further, the outer walls have built-in grooves for easy mounting of transistors using Fischer's own lock-in retaining springs. The LA27K is directly mountable to PCBs using screw-fit solderable pins, allowing the device to be mounted in a number of orientations. A combination of slot-in cover plates - which provide the closed element of the cooling aggregate - and pre-drilled attachment points for the fan, means that the design is extremely versatile. To increase versatility even further, the basic design can also be supplied as a standard aluminium heatsink profile (SK617) without fan or cover plates, should the application require a more conventional approach. The unit can be supplied in different finishes, such as black anodised (SA), clear anodised (TP), matt etched (ME) or powder coating. Alternative fan types and voltages are available to the customer's specification. Please contact us for additional information. DAU Components (+44) 01243 553031


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